Friday, 1 August 2008

Bike project

Remember the Superzuki? Well, it didn't happen. The bike was already sold. Ooooh. Yup, so I got a Honda instead. :D That's right. My dad asked me on the phone if I was interested in a Honda and 3 days later I owned one. He got it in a deal with another bike. It's a small 250 XL and I guess it's a 1976 model. So thanx dad.
At the moment I'm working on the 1302 so the bike project is on hold but I made some drawings to have an idea on what I want to do with it. I'm probably going for something like the green one, kind off. But still playing with the designs. The black one is just for fun, but its a good reverence on how bobbers look. Can't wait to start on it.

Just a quickie, measurements aren't confirmed....

Hot Rod style. Looks cool, but.... to much excile like....?

the frame. yes, it's a project :D (I do got more parts for it)

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