Thursday, 13 November 2008

Le Frog

I think it's really interesting that you can make something look like something with just a few dubs of paint. I usually like to blend everything till it's smooth and then outline it but I thought I'd have a go at painting in a heavier touch. It does kind of work but to me it feels like it isn't finished yet. However, I'll have a few go's at it in the future because I still find it fascinating.
The picture itself. Well, somehow while growing up I have made this weird connection between a waiter and frog legs. And that those waiters are kind of stuck up. It's a classic joke for cartoons. 'Waiter, do you've got frog legs. No, it's just the way I walk.' This picture came to me while doodling and resembles just that. A stuck-up waiter with frog legs.

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