Thursday, 27 November 2008

Vork-out. Not a work-out robot.

Sometimes you work on something that just doesn't want to go the way you want it to go. To the point that you get so pissed off you just want to chuck the stupid thing out of the window. So a few days ago I was painting my Honda xl frame which totally failed and seeing as I life on the 4th floor I decided to just take a step back and chill. Which most of the time results in me having a few to many beers with my friends, nurturing a decent hangover and after that going through some old unfinished projects. Just like I did this weekend. After kind of destroying an old computer (it wasn't my week) I stumbled on an old little robot walker. I had already made the gearbox but the engine was far to weak to power it. So I put an old 220v motor in it and dressed it up with some old parts and cutlery I had lying around and voila. It walks really really slowly so it's almost hypnotically relaxing. To the point that it made me to start sanding down my frame (again). Fun and easy build, something I really need now and again.

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