Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Does the welding ever stop....?

Had to take a look if the tank fitted with the engine in the frame and guess what... it didn't fit. That's what you get when you work on the 4th floor but weld in your garage box. So I needed to change the mounting brackets on the front. No biggy, just a few minutes of welding. And after that I put the front end in the frame. Needed to changes some parts on the lathe but now it al fits just fine. Next up is getting the front wheel out, which is more difficult then I had expected..... Meanwhile I'm still working on some drawings, but just wanted to take a break and give you this little update. It's starting to look like a mean little bike.

The holes on the front of the tank are just about 1cm off

Yes, I did sit on it and made 'vroem vroem' noises

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