Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Leedvermaak doll

I've got this habit of giving my buddy Rico homemade toys for his birthday. Mostly Mudhoen toys. And when his son Dimar turned 1 year old (how time flies) I just couldn't resist the urge to make a Mudhoen toy for him too. I had already made a big Mudhoen fish for him when he was born and now it was time for a version of his dad's cartoon character Leedvermaak. Nothing to complicated like the muppet I made of Leedvermaak, this was just going to be a simple doll to play with. So off I went to my mom. :D She's got a sewing machine (which I am not allowed to play around with) and she is a seamstress. All the hand sewing I do myself, but the big straight lines she does, which is a big help. She's is always very happy when I come up with these small fiddly textile ideas... NOT! But it's always fun to work with my mother on something anyway. So thanx mom, for al the help. Well, after a few hours we ended up with this little doll of leedvermaak. Turned out pretty well if I say so myself. Dimar at first was more impressed with the wrapping paper then the doll (go figure) but it looks like he's now kicking the crap out of Leedvermaak. Way to go. Now what to come up with for next year......

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