Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Lt. Ellis from UFO photshop painting

Ones in a while I like to push the envelope regarding my skills and take on a project just to see how good I am or if I am able to do it. And one thing I have been really impressed with is how some people can make 'paintings' on there computer using photoshop and/or painter. I have 'painted' on the computer before using photoshop but never really to the extend that it was almost photorealistic. So while watching an episode of UFO (sci-fi series from 1970) I saw this really cool picture of Lt. Ellis which was a great image to use. I made a screen shot of her and then I went at it. I have heard some guys can make a painting like this in about 45 minutes (a little rougher but still) but I have been at it for ..... well... 10 hours more or less. At a certain moment I just had to call it finished because my hand started to hurt. My little A6 wacom isn't really the best gear for the job. There are still a few things that I am not happy with but all in all I have learned a great deal on how to do this and think I have done a decent job. For now I am done with this way of making a picture but maybe in a month or so I'll try another one. To try to get the time down and such... :D

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