Monday, 8 December 2008

Tank again

Oh dear, skipped a day. Anyway, there wasn't much to tell anyway. There still isn't but can't skip 2 days now can I...? Been working on the tank again, but it's not going that fast because you need to let the stuff dry completely. First I cleaned it with special marine clean, after it was dry I sprayed it with rust stop. Then I welded the tank together. Then I cleaned it again and sprayed it with rust stop again. I did it this way because when it's still apart you can check it better and also you don't need to use that much of the stuff when it's together. Cheapskate solution, I know, but it works for me. The funny thing is, you need to rinse the tank with water between every step. Kind of weird, getting rid of rust by cleaning it with water. Off course when you let it dry it rusts over immediately. They say the tank sealer sticks better to a light coat of rust.... We'll see if it's going to work I guess. Meanwhile I'm also working on my site. No, I am not watching my tank dry. :D

before welding. see the light rust on the inside already

tank is nicely drying together witt the fuelcapholder for my bug

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