Thursday, 20 August 2009

Illuminius..... kind of like a Little Helper 2.0

Build another little robot out of spare parts. But this time I thought I would combine it with the function of a lamp. Played around a bit with different ideas and decided to give him a lightbulb for a head. Of course there's already one very famous robot with a lightbulb for a head so there was now way it wouldn't resemble Gyro Gearloose's Little Helper. That's Willy Wortels Lampje, for you dutch readers. I could agree that he might look kind of like a Micheal Bay's Transformers version of Little Helper. I did however name him Illuminius so he's meant as an all together different character. Still, people sometimes call me a Willy Wortel so now I can say I at least have a Little Helper. He doesn't help out that much though..... I might still change a few things on him, but this is it for now. Hope you guys and girls like him, he's a nice fellow.

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