Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Superhero Flyer

Tsjeard, one of my friends who I know for almost 20 years now, aksed me if I could design a little flyer for him. He lives in a sort of commune (not like hippies or anything like that) and almost every year they have a party in their garden. Which is almost smack in the middle of Leeuwarden. The parties are really cool, eventhough every year they've got a weird dresscode. This year the theme and dresscode is failed superhero. Tsjeard asked me if I could design a flyer for their party with Grover on it and this is what I made. My mom is on holiday right now but she was really looking eager to design a costume with me for that party when she heard about it. So I guess this year I will be a little more conforming to the dresscode. But who cares, the booze is free. Whoohoo, up up and away......

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