Monday, 3 August 2009

Kiss my Shiny Metal Ass!!!!

Yup, it's been a little bit quiet around here, I know. Been very bussy with the BS that's called my life. Am working on some projects and one big life-changer but for now very little to show. There was however a birthday. Kerat turned 33 and being the poor sod that I am I made a painting for him. Last year it was Homer, this year I made him a Bender. Pointing a his butt, you know (well, as long as you know futurama...) he's going to say: 'Kiss my Shiny Metal Ass'. Which in it self is a pretty good life motto.....

Edit: Just now looking at the picture I noticed his pointing hand looks a bit weird. Which I actaully though (and corrected) too about an hour before I gave it to Kerat. So this isn't even the finished version. Ha, funny.

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