Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Little Bot Statues

Well, hello everybody. Things have changed the last couple of weeks (or months actually). I am hardly updating anymore. Why...? Because I have decided to quit with designing and building 2D and 3D 'art' stuff. Financially something had to change, because the way things were going I would have ended up living on the streets of Leeuwarden. :D So I tried some different things like starting Veteau Gallery with a buddy and some other stuff but in the end I had to make a radical change. I am going to start a new business restoring old cars. Or at least I am trying to. Yep, something totally different. Pretty scary fresh start, but I am really looking forward to getting everything of the ground. Now, I am not quitting cold turkey so I will be posting some stuff I am still finishing (Veteau will be going on for some time too) and some projects like Ronny will continue. So keep coming back.

Today 2 little robots I made of spare parts. I'll be selling them on the Veteau site in the near future.


Twisted Drill

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