Tuesday, 27 October 2009

New Stuff

It's been a bit quite again but not because I haven't been doing anything. I am bussy setting up my new bussiness but also have been finishing all sorts of projects. Couldn't show them though because they are a secret. :D Nah, it's just Rico and I made some stuff for a design competition and we couldn't show them before the submissions for the competition ended. And the other stuff, well I was a bit lazy. Not to show everthing all at ones I'll post it in different posts. Starting today with..... 'terp-knuffel' It's a little church on a hill as a cuddle toy. Rico came up with the idea, I kind of designed it in 3D and together with my mom I made it. Well, my mom did most of the work because she doesn't let me behind her sewing machine. The hand sewing is all done by me though. :D

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