Sunday, 2 December 2007

Evil Knievel R.I.P

Yesterday I read that on november 30th at an age of 69 Evil Knievel had passed away. I wouldn't call myself a fan of him. Actually I have never been a fan of anybody, and probably never will be. But there are certain people that, in my life have made an impression on me in some way and Evil Knievel has certainly been one of them. At a young age I already loved to make big jumps on my little motorbike and jump over fellow schoolmates with my bmx-bike, with my dad calling me a regular Evil Knievel. Back then I had no idea who that was (I called him Evil Kenievel) but I knew Evil Knievel stood for making crazy jumps. And offcourse hurting yourselve when you made a mess of your jump.

I think Evil Knievel was one of those men who came up with crazy ideas and made them happen. Or at least he tried to. Something I really admire. And in these stupid times where being filthy rich, having sex on tape or singing like a slaughtered pig on national tv makes you famous, I think having crazy ideas and making them reality is what should make you famous. That's why, in my book, I think Evil Knievel is a real hero. And that's the way I think he should be remembered. And one day I hope to be remembered like that too. :D

I hope to see people wearing his iconic getup in his honor for many years to come and that he will be remembered for the crazy things he has done. And I'll be drinking a nice cold beer in his name tonight.


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